anibidiol® oil 500 for cats and dogs

Complementary feed for cats and dogs with hemp extract oil and beef aroma.

Only available in Switzerland.


  • anibidiol® oil 500 has been specially developed for cats and dogs.
  • anibidiol® oil 500 is made on the basis of MCTcoconut oil.
  • anibidiol® oil 500 is THC-free2 and is safe.
  • anibidiol® oil 500 with beef flavor has a very high level of acceptance. 
  • A bottle of anibidiol® oil contains 10 ml.

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglyceride: These medium-chain fatty acids are easily degraded by the body and therefore very digestible.

2THC non-detectable. 

Directions of use

Mix 2-3 drops per 5 kg body weight with the daily feed.


To reach optimal results:

  • Follow the recommended serving.
  • Use continuously as long as needed.


  • Please store the bottle in cool and dry place (ideally in the fridge)
  • Protect from light.

Commercial Partner

Virbac Schweiz AG, Glattbrugg (ZH)

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